Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogging Etiquette for Notaries

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Since the mortgage industry slow down over the last couple of months, several notaries have taken to reading and writing blogs.  When you first start blogging, like anything else, there is a trial and error  period.  Some notaries are finding out the hard way, (by being banned from some groups) what proper etiquette is.  Etiquette is defined as rules governing socially acceptable behavior.  I would like to suggest a few blogging etiquette guidelines that might help everyone express feelings more effectively.
     1.  Source your Blog  When stating that something is a “fact” in your blog, ensure that you either mention the source or put a link to the source.  If you, the blogger, are quoting a conversation between you and another party or quoting conversations between two other parties get permission from all parties to post.  This will definitely bring the proper credibility to your post.

2.  Always stay Professional.            If you disagree with another person, company, or agency position on a topic and want to communicate it in your blog, make sure your communication is professional and respectful of your readers.  For the last several months, notaries “Professional Code of Conduct” has been at the forefront of the blogging discussion.  This is in part due to the perception of some lenders and title companies that all NSAs are unprofessional.  Calling someone who disagrees with you names and using profanity in your post, brings negativity and loss of credibility for your blog.  It also plays directly into the myth that all NSAs are unprofessional.

      3.  Properly prepare for negative comments.  Properly brace yourself for handling negative comments on your blog.  According to Gala Darling, owner of and recently named one of the 10 most influential style bloggers in the world, blogging is like giving birth or creating a new piece of art.  People don’t realize how much work that goes into them.  Some people could be looking to garner attention for themselves at your expense by publicly attacking you on your blog.  There is no one way to handle this best.  Some strategies used by professional bloggers have been to develop a policy for handling negative comments before they come.  Always try to remember that negative comments are never about you or what you’ve written, they are always about the person who wrote them.         

      4.  Follow up.  Be sure to follow up with those people who were kind enough to take a moment and post a comment.  Let them know you truly appreciate them stopping by your blog and taking the time to drop a line.   

For more information on Blogging and Social Media CLICK  HERE

 If you have more tips that would help others with blogging, please feel free to share them here.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Montana Notary Conference

Legal Forms

The 2014 Montana Notary Conference will be held on April 4-5, 2014 at

Helena Colonial Hotel - Red Lion
2301 Colonial Drive
Helena, Montana 59601

Registration includes six sessions with nationally-recognized notary experts.  With over twenty options, participants have the flexibility to choose the seminars that will benefit them the most.  

Sessions will address topics such as:
  • Basic and advanced notary skills
  • Notary law and ethics for legal, financial and medical professionals
  • New regulations that directly impact notaries in the real estate and financial industries
  • Special requirements for notaries working in hospitals and other institutions
  • Prevention of financial exploitation of the elderly
  • CFPB requirements for independent signing agents and notaries in financial institutions
  • Notarizations of documents being sent to foreign countries
  • Notarizations of Montana motor vehicle titles
  • Income opportunities for notaries

Tax Tips For The Self-Employed Notary

Tax Tips For The Self-Employed Notary: With Uncle Sam’s tax deadline looming, it’s time for Notary entrepreneurs to start getting their records together. The key is finding the tax deductions and write-offs that work best for you.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hotline Tip: Can A Seal Be Applied To A Document Without Notarial Wording?

Hotline Tip: Can A Seal Be Applied To A Document Without Notarial Wording?

Criminal Background Checks

Proper Fit For A Formal Business Suit (Infographic)

Proper Fit For A Formal Business Suit (Infographic): The business world has changed over the years, allowing for a wide range of acceptable, workplace attire. But there are times — such as a job interview or new client meeting — where a suit is the order of the day.


WWYD Answer: The Case Of Healthy Signing Agent Competition

WWYD Answer: The Case Of Healthy Signing Agent Competition

HP 950XL Black Ink

Correcting Certificate Mistakes No Longer Allowed In California

Correcting Certificate Mistakes No Longer Allowed In Californi

Alternate Income Opportunity: Mobile Exam Proctors

Alternate Income Opportunity: Mobile Exam Proctors: Though the mortgage market is sluggish, there’s a growing field with work potential for Notaries seeking to supplement their primary careers and make extra money — proctoring exams for online students.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Core CE Workshop in NW Indiana

We are focusing on making 2014 the best year ever
 for Indiana Notaries by offering special discounts 
on CE classes, free workshops, networking opportunities 
and much, much more.  Our workshops will 
cover the "NEW" Standards by the SPW, 
ethics, best practices, Acknowledgments, 
Jurats, E&O Insurance, etc.

This workshop has been designed to help you pass the 

Annual Notary Exam given by the SPW so you can 
get more business.

Our workshops have been designed by Notary Signing Agents 
for Notary Signing Agents.

7 CE Core Hours

(Approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Indiana Wesleyan University
8415 Georgia Street
Merrillville, IN 46410
9:20am - 4:30pm

Facilitated by 2010 National Notary of the Year, 
Daniel C. Lewis

Registration fee is just $99.00
Lunch is included in the price

Register by clicking here on Paypal
Pay by Visa, MC, Discover or American Express
You do not need to have a Paypal Account

Sunday, January 12, 2014

CFPB Identifying Consumer 'Pain Points' To Help Improve Mortgage Closings

CFPB Identifying Consumer 'Pain Points' To Help Improve Mortgage Closings: In its ongoing effort to protect consumers in the mortgage lending process, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is calling on the public to report their experiences and suggestions on how the loan closing process can be improved.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

WWYD Answer: The Case Of The Missing Figures

WWYD Answer: The Case Of The Missing Figures: On Dec. 19 we posed a scenario, The Case of the Missing Figures, about a Notary who was asked by a signer to notarize a promissory note that was missing critical information, including the final loan amount. The Notary refused to notarize the incomplete document, but the signer kept insisting. The question is: Was the Notary correct in refusing the notarization, and what explanation should be given to the signer?

Kansas Sends First Electronic 'Apostille' Certificate

Kansas Sends First Electronic 'Apostille' Certificate: Kansas recently became the first U.S. state to send a paperless apostille — a certificate used to verify notarial acts and other important records — to another country.

2013 Notary Laws: The Year In Review

2013 Notary Laws: The Year In Review: 2013 was a light year for Notary-related legislation based on the number of bills introduced. But the bills that did pass were not light on substance.

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Five Myths About Background Screenings Explained

Five Myths About Background Screenings Explained: Christopher Ballas, CEO of Backgrounds Online — the company that conducts background screenings for the NNA — spoke with the Notary Bulletin to answer questions about how his firm conducts screenings and clear up some common misconceptions about background checks.

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