Thursday, May 12, 2016

ReBoot by the IDOI for RREAL System

The RREAL IN database was taken down overnight to implement new Security Protocols by the Indiana Department of Insurance(IDOI). 

 As a result of the new protocols, all users will be required to reset their password upon login.  However, your usernames will remain as previously issued. Please call or email the IDOI
if you need assistance resetting your password.

In addition, Bulk Upload functionality has been added to the system.  Users will have a choice to continue entering transactions manually or use the Bulk Upload functionality that has been added. If you chose to enter manually chose “One at a time” as your filing option.
Please note, using the Bulk Upload feature will require formatting of transaction data into an excel spreadsheet, specific to the type of transaction, prior to upload.  As there are many steps involved in this process, the IDOI will be working to improve on the flow and efficiency.

A training slide deck will be distributed via this the IDOI distribution list and posted to the Related Statutes and FAQs tab on the RREAL IN home page, by end of day of Friday 5/13/2016.

If you have challenges resetting your password please let the IDOI know.  The IDOI apologizes for the untimely notice and any inconvenience due to these changes.

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