Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Notaries Best Printing Option

Printer Issues Resolved

Printing Legal and Letter docs has never been easier

Whether you are a new notary or a notary that has been operating for some time, we have all experienced printer / printing issues.  Printing problems can easily cost you, the notary, a client or at the very least, cause you to run late for appointments.  Over the years there has been several new and fancy printers that has graced your local office department store shelves.  What's in season this year with a price of several hundred dollars will be priced below $40 dollars next year to make way for the new, sleeker, faster, better printer(at least that's what the on commission salesperson tells me and of course you can always believe them) to line the store shelves. 

So, what does a notary invest in to meet their daily printing needs?


Well, there is a product that's not so new and not a printer at all.  It's call the Page Separator.  It is a product that I have used many times.  It is a software program that comes in 3 packages to chose from:  Basic, Standard, and Professional.  It is a great way to get both your letter and legal size documents printed out with a single tray printer in about half the time.


 I have looked at, used, misused, abused, discarded, and didn't know what to do with many of the so called "Next Big Technology" type of products for Notary Signing Agents over the years.  This is definitely one of the best to have on your desktop.  I would highly recommend it to new notaries as well as to the season Notary Signing Agent.  This product will absolutely help with keeping cost down and running a health notary business.
Take a look at it today.

Daniel C. Lewis, National Notary Association 2010 Notary of the Year

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