Sunday, November 3, 2013

Notaries Stepping Up to the New Standards

At a workshop in Indianapolis, notaries gather and discuss the new standards created by the Signing Professional Workgroup(SPW).  The notary professionals that were in attendance were very open to learning more about the new standards.    The SPW was formed to assist in the creation of professional standards for certified signing professionals.


Doug Diebolt, one of the most sought after notaries in Indiana, is leading the charge on raising the bar for Certified Signing Specialist designation.  Doug has made it a practice to stay informed on what is going on in his profession.  Doug regularly attends workshops, on-line training, and conventions to ensure he is getting the latest information to keep him sharp.

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The new standards will mean new Certified Signing Specialist will have to prove their knowledge by taking a 50 question exam.  Renewing Certified Signing Specialist will take a 30 question exam.   An 80% passing score is required for certification.

For more information on training and examination CLICK HERE

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